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2 Responses to "All my reviews"

I love your reviews as they make me belly laugh and I’m not a belly laugh kind of lady. I prefer to give a barely noticable grin to the smart and amusing. I have no control over myself when reading your blog. Thank you for that, I’ve been told I’m to uptight and lack a sense of humor now I have something to show the nitwits that find me humourless and dry. Jackasses every last one of them.They don’t know funny or smart.

Thank you! I’m so glad you appreciate the humour. My flatmate laughs a lot but not at my blog. I don’t think she’s ever read it. She laughs at lots of things but most recently it’s been at a Chinese soap that she watches on her laptop while I am writing edifying prose next door for your amusement. I don’t know if you could call her laugh a belly laugh. It’s certainly an ear-piercing laugh.

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