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Too funny for words

Posted on: March 16, 2012

Excuse Me Where Is The Exit?Excuse Me Where Is The Exit? by Stella Deleuze
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Life is a lot funnier than a TV sitcom. It’s all a question of attitude.

Stella Deleuze has oodles of attitude.

Take her little piece on cycling. Cyclists are a pest. Cyclists ignore traffic lights. Cyclists hiss at you and speed up in situations where motorists would brake. Cyclists don’t have brakes. They have SOMETHING TO PROVE. German cyclists are the worst because they always have the right of way, even on the pavement, and especially on the piece of pavement that you happen, in your ignorance, to have strayed onto just before they hurtle into you at 25 miles per hour from behind.

Stella is a German cyclist but does this bother her? Not at all.

“Pedestrians are worse than tanks,” she writes.

But she is also lovely. Because Stella doesn’t behave like a cyclist. She behaves like a human being.

She uses the brakes for the bloody idiots. She actually stops at traffic lights. She admits her failings. When she is nearly killed by a bus it is, of course, her fault. When a confused Frenchman stumbles out of a taxi straight into her path, she forgives him. “He’ll have the bruises after all,” she concedes.

Which is why you can’t stop laughing.

But humour is a personal thing so I gave this book the acid test. I read some of it aloud to my flatmate.

Howls of laughter.

Kindle stolen again while I was out.

It’s really hard to find a book that makes you split your sides laughing. Especially when you share it with someone. Keep this one to yourself. Don’t read it in public. And don’t read it out loud.


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