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I am a reader and a writer. This blog is about my experiences as a reader, specifically about reading fiction aimed at discerning, subtle, broad-minded women like me — hot, sexy, romantic, intelligent fiction, that you’re not embarrassed to re-read the morning after.

Please note that I read for my own pleasure. I seldom read what people ask me to read and I hardly ever write reviews on request. I seek out books based on my tireless researches and totally unpredictable whims. I prefer not to be sent free books. I buy most of the books I review because I enjoy supporting writers, publishers and bookshops as far as my budget allows.

You can read some of my own fiction on Smashwords.

Here are some of my books on Amazon.

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25 Responses to "About"

Nice to meet you love the Blog good review page @NebulousBoomer

Hello Michael. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello.

Very nicely done ; I am new to a real blog I do have a shrt story that will get bigger but you have theme and flair good luck 🙂

I had to just pop in and say Hi, I have just found your writing and I love the way you write, you had me wanting more, thank you. As a writer myself I love the way you seem to write about your characters so effortlessly, I feel like I know them within a few lines.
If you ever need a reviewer that understands writers dont hesitate to contact me. I love what Ive read already.

Thank you, Midnight. How sweet of you to sneak into my boudoir in the dead of night and drop such kind and encouraging words into my ear.

Just wanted to say Hi…
Discovered you on Amazon today… Read “Love has no limit” during my lunch hour, then read “Asking for a spanking” on my Kindle this afternoon (whilst pretending to read reports).

Downloaded “Lust in Leather” to read tonight.

Loved “No limits”, – Bordering on dark, great imagery.. loved it from start to finish, particularly loved the “character” – how close is she to the real you I wonder?

You’re definitely one to watch… and I’d love to see something longer, “No limits” felt like there was a lot more to be told.

Great stuff, keep it up!

Wow, you’re a fast reader!

I am writing a full-length novel but I have suspended work on it for a while because I’m not sure if people will like it. I have a lot of story ideas so I decided to publish a few of those to see what sort of reaction they get. It’s very interesting to see which stories people prefer, so comments like yours are very helpful to me and influence what I will write next. So, thank you!

I would like to write a sequel to Love Has No Limits. I’m very attached to the characters and, yes, there’s a lot more to come on that theme because it’s very close to my heart. But, although it’s relatively short at around 40,000 words, writing it left me exhausted and I haven’t yet fully recovered.

Just finished “Lust in Leather”… and noticed that I also downloaded “Canopy of love” this morning – but I’ll save that one for tomorrow!

A full length novel would be something that I would definitely read… as Midnight said, if you need to someone to comment on a work in progress…

Keep dancing with the darkness… I think that’s what set “Love has no limits” apart.. and what got me instantly hooked.

Yes, it’s not a bad idea to have a little something in reserve.

Look out for my Black Silk Blindfold promotion later this month. It will be free for a few days.

My next published story will be a playful little thing called Taste of Her. It’s not dark at all. But I’m thinking of heading into very dark territory for the one after that, especially after your comment. I am still feeling my way into it but I think it will start dark and get darker and darker.

So clear . Simplicity is everything

Not quite everything. You also have to somehow get people to read your simple words. This is a very complex problem nowadays.

Great blog, Vanessa. Thank you for taking the time to write such a witty blog of your thoughts of the writing world. We all NEED to continue to share the word.

Thanks, Tracy. There is nothing so pure as poetry, which you write very well.

Hi Vanessa. I am seduced to this site after searching for how to promote erotica. I was at a lost since I got ‘banned’ by Google and Facebook, and I almost gave up and bowed to writing non-explicit stories instead. However, your witty blogs here encourage me to persevere, to move mountains that obstruct my journey.
By the way, I love your book covers. Can you, would you, recommend me your cover designer?
It’s 1:40 am here in Singapore and I was only here for about 5 mins and have read your review of 50 Shades (no, I haven’t read the book yet), but what caresses me is your style. If I have dementia, I would have sworn this is my site.
Anyways, great to read you, meet you, discover you.
As Arnie’s monotonous voice goes. “I’ll be back.”

Hi, thanks for your comment. My cover designer is my flat mate, who is also the reader of 50 shades of grey. I’ve passed on your praise. She’ll love it. She puts in hours of work and tries out many ideas before selecting her favourite. I think she is nervous of doing it commercially in case her customers are very difficult and want things a certain way, but I’ll ask. Drop me an email.

Hi Vanessa, Many thanks for the follow on Twitter. Very glad to discover your book blog as a consequence and indeed your own writing, which I look forward to checking out. Mark (The Devil’s Fan Club)

Ooh, a dark crime novel set in London. How exciting! I can’t read everything people send my way but I’m happy to receive suggestions. Hehe.

Very interested to learn that your writing’s turning darker. Really look forward to reading it.

My darker side is taking a while to mature. I am about half way through a novel, which can hardly be called a romance, but which is not quite as dark as my original idea. Writing it is a process of discovery.

Very true, Vanessa. I guess that’s part of the fun. Very best of luck with it. And many thanks for your kind remark about The Devil’s Fan Club.

Have you ever read anything by Eden Baylee? She writes erotica – I interviewed her here

Yes, Joe. Eden made me sign up for Twitter before she’d talk to me. You’ll find her in my blogroll and there’s also a review of Fall into Winter somewhere on this blog. (5 stars of course.)

Like Cliff / Douglas, I am impressed by your covers too. Please pass on my compliments to your flat mate.

Hi Myles, the compliment has gone to her head. She just asked me what the name of my blog is so she can send all her friends here to see it. I was bitterly disappointed that she didn’t even know my blog was called intense sensations. But she is an artist. She has her mind on higher things.


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