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The Panama Laugh had me in stitches for days

Posted on: November 30, 2011

The Panama LaughThe Panama Laugh by Thomas Roche
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a deeply literary novel steeped in classical antecedents from Virgil to Emily Dickinson. It’s a luridly cinematic novel drenched in every movie genre you can think of from noir and hardboiled through to western, war and horror. It’s a politically subversive novel that wears its intelligence lightly. It’s a streetwise novel that lampoons the blog generation. It’s a techno novel. It’s a zombie novel. It’s a …

It’s a novel that’s really hard to review because it’s so outrageously funny that it’s impossible to be serious about it, yet at the same time it’s a novel that only a seriously dedicated writer could have written.

The author does everything well. He makes you laugh, of course — on every page — almost with every sentence. He writes description well. He does exposition well. He’s a techno babble expert. Dialogue is a breeze. Dammit, his dialogue is so good this book could act as a crammer for social climbers in San Francisco.

It’s an effortlessly readable novel. It’s a fun and funny novel. It’s the kind of novel that college geeks might learn by heart and quote to each other over a pitcher of beer.

It’s fast-paced and packed with action. It’s the kind of novel that makes you want to give up blogging and reviewing and just curl up with on a sofa and read and re-read — for the sheer hell of it.

Damn, it’s funny!


2 Responses to "The Panama Laugh had me in stitches for days"

Love that review. Your enthusiasm shines through. Author should be proud. 🙂

🙂 It’s a very funny book. Believe me, it takes a lot to make me laugh when I’m reading. Hahaha!

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