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Four women who have touched me

Posted on: July 29, 2011

Yesterday I added some links to my blogroll and I’d like to say something about why I chose those blogs and why I’m proud to link to them from mine.

1. Eden Baylee

Eden wrote me a lovely warm message on Goodreads and her responses were so quick and helpful that I think we could have gone on writing to each other forever if I hadn’t had to a) sleep, b) go to work and c) write some stories. Later I started reading her novel Fall Into Winter and I loved it straight away. I’ll do a review of it eventually but for now I will just say that it has been a major distraction.

2. Nikki Magennis

Nikki, like Eden, was one of the first people I made friends with on Goodreads. She helped me find some very good authors. Since she didn’t mention any of her own books, I decided to check out her website and I followed a link to a beautifully written story of hers in a literary magazine called Pank. I have read this magazine from time to time but I’d missed the Brit edition in which Nikki’s story appeared. I have since been reading more of her work and I love it. “It’s just writing,” Nikki says, but to me it is so much more than that. The New Rakes is my new favourite book at bedtime.

3. Kristina Lloyd

I’ m a bit nervous of adding Kristina to this list. She likes it dark, dirty and dangerous and that scares me more than a little. What’s more, I’ve been to Brighton where she lives and I know they’re all crazy there. But Kristina has produced some of the best writing I’ve come across in any genre and I don’t care if she is crazy, I am going to be reading her with very close attention for a long time to come.

4. Amelia James

Amelia is a diamond in the rough. I think you will forgive me the cliché when I tell you that the first story I read by her begins “It was a dark and stormy night.” I almost stopped reading right there; but there is something gritty and compulsive about Amelia that once it gets hold of you will not let go. She is bright, sparky, sexy and funny and if you can get past the trashy covers you will get sucked into a fast-paced sexual fantasy that will leave your imagination reeling.


6 Responses to "Four women who have touched me"

Vanessa, you are so sweet. Thank you for including me with such lovely women, yourself included.


Thank you for your comment, Eden. Good luck with your cage encounter with Amelia. As usual, I’m confused about the time and date but I’ll watch out for it.

You are ahead of us by 5 hours, so the prompt will be on Al’s site at 5 PM tomorrow for you.

Look fwd to seeing you there…have a great night,

OK, got it. Now I understand. Thank you.

Oh wow! I’m thrilled, thank you. And honestly, I am a total pussycat! Just a bit perverted. You’re dead right about Brighton though. It’s full of crazies. Thanks again for such wonderful words.

Hi Kristina, I’m sure you are lovely. I know you have a sensitive side otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get inside your characters the way you do and convey such authentic feelings. I am a committed fan! I’ll let you know when I post a proper review somewhere.

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