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My award goes to …

Posted on: September 18, 2011

I am not hot on administration but I’ve come up with the following 15 hard working bloggers who might be a bit better at it than me. These are all bloggers I’ve come across since I started blogging in … whenever it was.

My personal idiosyncratic view is that novelists and story writers shouldn’t write blogs. Novels and stories are difficult things that require time, space and a certain amount of introspection and distance. These are commodities difficult to find at the best of times but when a blog has you by the scruff of the neck, they are nearly impossible.

Blog writing is very different from novel writing. It is spontaneous, immediate and brief. The things we write of in novels need time to grow and evolve. The first thing we write is not always the thing that we are trying to say. We have to dig it out slowly and turn it around and look at it from different angles. In private, usually.

Novelists also shouldn’t have competition. Ideally. But this is the real world, so let’s deal with it and in an effort to wipe out some of the competition, I hereby pass on the Versatile Blogger award to the following victims. Please visit them, leave comments, and do your best to prevent them from writing any more for a while.

Nikki is a poet, who writes beautiful prose. She also writes hot erotic stories that are in a class of their own.

This is the blog of Berit Ellingsen who specialises in silence, the writer’s secret weapon. It should be used more often to zap those internet philistines. Her novel The Empty City has the lucid beauty of a daydream. She has won my heart with it.

Hype is full of it. He proves that there is more to being a dictator than meets the eye. He is also a poet and a pervert.

Sheryl is funny and kind and, despite her protestations to the contrary, may well have the Goddess gene.

Portia Da Costa writes with enviable clarity. How can she do it when her mind is full of junk from watching telly all day? It’s one of nature’s mysteries. She has written so many books that she describes herself as ‘vintage.’ I have all of them to look forward to as I’m on my first one.

Sommer is definitely right up there in the elite circles of literary artists. Her humanity shines through in her work, which is rare in porn stories, isn’t it?

Vida sometimes neglects her blog (bad girl!) but that’s because she spends time sorting out some beautiful dirty pictures for us (yum!). Let’s take a look, because there’s more to blogging than just finding the right words, isn’t there? But look away now if images of stunningly gorgeous bodies doing wickedly pleasurable things give you a hot flush and ruin your concentration for the day. For the literary snobs among us, Vida has provided some very intelligent words to go with the pictures.

I’ve picked on Eden before because I admire her four novellas Fall Into Winter. And she blogs like  a crazy woman. Is she the only porn writer in the world who gets members of the public to act out her work?

Kristina is taking a rest right now. Quite right. Kristina is a real writer. If Kristina ever gives a writing workshop, I’d like a front seat. But even if she chooses to pass on what she knows, she’ll still be the best. She writes from deep within her soul. That’s why no-one else can write like her. We’d all like to, though.

This is where Thomas. S. Roche hangs out when he’s not in his local café writing zombie stories at some ungodly hour of the morning. I don’t read zombie stories. I read Thomas Roche stories. There’s a difference. His novel The Panama Laugh has just come out and Amazon are trying hard to deliver it to me.

Amelia is another crazy person who gets up at an ungodly hour in order to share her wild imaginings with the world. If you want to get in with Amelia, tell her what you like on your pizza. And you’d better like pizza! (I’m keeping quiet.)

For someone who wants to have sex with a monkey, L.M. Stull seems remarkably intelligent and clear-headed. I can’t find that monkey book now. What happened? Did I imagine it? I was sure I’d read some sample chapters. Anyway, the blog is something that’s safe to read in public.

Sensual and mysterious, Asporina aspires. A writer who aspires should do less aspriring and more writing, while we should encourage quietly without intruding.

Dawn is a professional vagabond who likes making lists, usually of things she’s not very good at. She has a lovely mind, though. If I ran a magazine for vagabonds, she’d be the editor-in-chief.

Madame Miaow is the only blogger on this list who I knew about before I started blogging. She first came to my attention because she was one of the few people in the UK who noticed that the Chinese girl in a Sherlock Holmes story couldn’t speak Chinese, something Sherlock Holmes himself failed to spot. Well, I spotted it too, of course. But Madame Miaow came out with the blog post while I just ranted to my flatmate, who is not a fan of Sherlock Holmes, as it happens.


9 Responses to "My award goes to …"

What? I’m a porn writer? Second, who’s acting out my stuff? I’d better be getting royalties from it!
Vanessa, thanks for including me in this lovely list of recipients. It is very much appreciated, and I will check them out.

I admit I’ve been awarded this before, and I’m with you that it makes sense to write books and not spend too much time on blogs, but there’s a reason for blogging, so I will continue to do it.

Having said that, my thanks to you for the recognition. To me, that’s the most important thing.


Oh no! It’s a bit of a poisoned chalice, isn’t it? Never mind.

Those actors I referred to are on your videos of your book signings, Eden. Hilarious!

Discovered some nice blogs here. Thanks for all the trouble creating this list.

Your style reminded me I have a couple of your books waiting for me to read them 🙂

You are welcome, Austin. Don’t neglect your own writing.

Oh my, I got picked! Thank you, and thank you for saying such fabulous things. I’m looking forward to checking out your list later on. Can I accept the award in a lazy-bitch kind of way? No red-carpet frock but shuffling on stage in slippers with curlers in my hair and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth?

Totally with you on blogging and writing. For me, they don’t mix well – although I do enjoy all the connections I’ve made and the people I’ve ‘met’ through blogs.

Back to the hermitage now…

Yes, please, do the lazy informal thing. No need to go overboard.

I will do a review of Asking For Trouble eventually. The reason I haven’t done one yet is I keeping going back to the beginning to read it again. I need to get those sentences into my bloodstream somehow so the same verbal power flows through my fingertips when I type.

Thank you!

I wrote AFT 13 years ago. I’m amazed and delighted it still has currency. When I look at the book now, as a more sophisticated writer, I want to change so many little things (writer’s curse!). But I think (hope) part of AFT’s impact is/was its energy and honesty. I started writing it within days of Black Lace announcing they were relaxing their guidelines and felt as if I’d been let off the leash! It’s the fastest thing I’ve ever written, and it remains one of BL’s all-time bestsellers. And that popularity means a lot to me because you do risk something of yourself in writing – perhaps, especially, when you’re writing about sex and desire. Getting that validation from readers is wonderful.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. And thanks for taking the time!

Vanessa, thank you! Kind words, illustrious company.

You’re right, I’ve been a bad blogger. I have little to say in the way of sexiness at the moment, other people’s pictures are easier to process right now – I think you’ll like the hula hooper!

I love your kind words to everyone, you’re great at praise! Looking forward to more reviews. x

Hi Vida, thank you so much for accepting my award! I haven’t had the pleasure of reading one of your stories yet but I’m very impressed by how you do your research. I have just told the publishers I’d like to read Steamlust on my Kindle. They should also have a big banner on the cover saying: Featuring Vida Bailey!

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