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Love Has No Limits

Posted on: August 21, 2011

Love Has No Limits

Today instead of a review I have an announcement.

My novel, Love Has No Limits, is now available as an ebook on the following sites.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


I am thrilled about publishing this book, which is a very personal one.

My short story, Captain Sun, was modelled very closely on things told to me by a friend who was living in China in the 1970s, so that was also very personal, but Love Has No Limits is based on my own experiences in Amsterdam and Berlin more recently.

How I came to be living in Berlin is a very long story. I will perhaps tell that story one day. For now, I am very happy for this little novel to see the light of day.

My memories of Berlin are very happy ones. My visits to Amsterdam were brief but, as can be seen in the novel, made a deep impression.

I hope that anyone reading this novel gets as much pleasure from it as I had in writing it.


7 Responses to "Love Has No Limits"

Congrats – and it does look a very personal book. Will there be a way to “look inside” it on Amazon, or maybe you have a small preview here?

I’ve bookmarked it to buy, looks very interesting (and I liked your reviews that I read here).

Hey, thanks Austin. Since you have been so kind as to express an interest I will let you have a copy for free!

I’m not sure how to do a “look inside”, but since it’s an ebook anyone can download a free sample, either from Smashwords or Amazon.

I always download a free sample of every ebook I’m thinking of buying. It’s a much more accurate guide than reading the reviews.

Hi Vanessa, wow, thanks for the gift. I’m humbled, and I’ve downloaded your book. Will read asap!

I did the “look inside” two ways: (1) by signing up for this feature at Amazon, and (2) by installing the program at my website that allows folks to read the first chapters in their browser. The feedback is good.

Good point about the samples – it’s obvious, but I didn’t think about it! Bah.

Thank you for the tips, Austin.

There is so much to learn, I am grateful for all the help I can get.

Your book Five Dances With Death looks very exciting and I see you have a lot of useful information for authors on your website. I’m looking forward to spending more time there.

Here is my review, Vanessa:


Pain is not my thing, normally, both as a recipient and an inflictor (apart from some good, honest spanking, naturally!) but a young Chinese woman deliberately seeking danger in a notorious Amsterdam nightclub riveted my attention right from the start of Vanessa Wu’s Love Has No Limits.

Beautifully written and suspiciously autobiographical, the story conveys a mood of stark reality as well as frequent erotic jolts, while the first-person character is hurled from one sexual situation to another – sometimes screaming and struggling against her attacker / lover(s) in scenarios that bend the limits of consensual sex to breaking point. But somehow Beiru never goes to the police as she threatens, mesmerised by the pain and pleasure she’s absorbed.

This is initially a dark narrative, painfully detailed with the true consequences of punishing, near-rape, with its risk of permanent physical damage, and even the practical difficulties of wanting to pee while handcuffed to a bed!

But the darkness fades when Beiru returns to Berlin and enjoys a more conventional relationship with a very young man, finally realising that pain is not included in the sexual fulfilment she desperately seeks. Interestingly the threesome aspect of her Amsterdam experiences comes back to haunt her. Her young boyfriend, told of this, comes to fantasise of a threesome that includes Beiru’s curvaceous best friend, Maria.

The apparently separate threads of this tale of two cities converge in the closing chapters. A feral friend from Amsterdam comes to Berlin to find work, the sex explodes, and we find that love truly has no limits.

The protagonist, contemplating writing of her experiences reflects that “Perhaps writing a story or a novel was not something that should be done for money, or to win praise, but for the sheer sensual pleasure of it. I liked that idea. It made me want to write lots of stories, to give myself that pleasure.”

This is the core motivation in being a writer, in my humble opinion; it is something we have to do and something that Vanessa Wu does very well indeed. We are certainly going to hear a lot more of her.

Review by Roger Frank Selby, latest stories: The Farmer’s Gun and Thou Shalt Not Covet.

Oh, that was 5 stars, by the way … 😉

Thank you for picking out that quote, Roger. You have a sharp eye. I think I’ll add that to my Goodreads profile. I’ve been wondering what quotes to put there.

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