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One of the best things about sex is the anticipation. So to whet your appetite for treats to come, I’d like to tell you what I’ve been reading.

1. The Empty City by Berit Ellingsen. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

2. Conmergence by Tara Maya. Tantalising when she flashes and a rare delight when she lingers longer.

3. The Panama Laugh by Thomas Roche. An express train of a novel.

4. Rashomon by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. Terribly impressive.

5. The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming. Dark, dingy and dirty.

6. Asking For Trouble by Kristina Lloyd. Darker. Dingier. Dirtier. Damn good.

If I go quiet for a few days it will be because I am being deeply self-indulgent.


Naughty Fairytales from A to ZNaughty Fairytales from A to Z by Alison Tyler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one book I’m ashamed to have by my bed. It is really trashy. Luckily the pink and taupe cover blends in with my bedding and can lie camouflaged on my duvet when my flatmate bursts in on me unexpectedly.

I mention it here only because there is one story that lifts it above the average. It is tucked away at the back so you might miss it. It’s called Zoe White and the Seven Whores.

I told you it was trashy.

This story is by Thomas S. Roche and, to be honest, it is not his best story. It is light and frothy. It reads like he dashed it off before his morning cappuccino. But he is one of my favourite authors because every sentence he writes either thrills me or makes me laugh.

Zoe White and the Seven Whores had me in stitches. I don’t usually laugh out loud when I’m reading but with this one I did and, what is worse, I was on my own.

Yes, I know.

I’m reluctant to recommend it. Humour is a very personal thing.

Vanessa Wu is the author of Love Has No Limits

Alison's WonderlandAlison’s Wonderland by Alison Tyler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I bought this anthology for one just one story, which is The Red Shoes (Redux) by Nikki Magennis. It was worth it for that one story.

The other authors have formidable reputations but I wasn’t going to read their stories because I have only just bought another fairy-tale themed collection edited by Alison Tyler which I started to read just before this. In fact this is the fifth fairy-tale themed story anthology I have picked up this year. Fairy tales are a rich source of inspiration and can take this kind of a beating but I can’t.

Alison Tyler is a bit like a fairy tale character herself. She is the Princess of Porn. Whether the other writers know it or not, she has first refusal on every erotic story published in America and can cherry pick from the offerings of the world’s erotica literati.

She must have included some sort of hidden cantrip inside the Kindle text because I started to get curious about the other stories and once I got started I couldn’t stop.

I read Sommer Marsden’s The Three Billys to improve my vocabulary. Her literary inventiveness left me dizzy with awe.

I read Portia Da Costa’s Unveiling His Muse for its perspicacity. Portia’s lucid and witty style acts like a pornographic palette cleanser.

I steeled myself for Kistina Lloyd’s David and needed all my inner resolve to withstand the shock of the ending. No writer comes close to Kristina.

Then I had to take a break.

But Alison must have been out there in the internet weaving her magic because pretty soon I came across this desperate plea:

‘Hairstyle nerds, please help: What do you call it when someone wears their pony tails atop their head at devil-horn angles? Like, sort of in front? It’s like, a candy commando thing. You know, punk, kinda. They dye them pink. It’s a Grrl thing. “front-facing pigtails” isn’t cutting it.’

This cry for help came from Thomas Roche. THE Thomas Roche. Thomas S. Roche. I went scurrying to my anthologies and found I have no less than three stories by him, none of which I had read.

That was then. This is now. I was so impressed by that poetic paragraph that I had to read all three of those stories.

I was very pleased with myself. My instinct didn’t let me down. But I spent the day cursing him. Cupid Has Signed Off made me late for work. It made me break my rule of never reading erotica at the bus stop. Or on the bus. Or in the toilet between meetings (bless you, Kindle for iphone!) The suspense made me ill but luckily the ending was to die for.

Thomas Roche has a novel coming out in September called The Panama Laugh. I’ve pre-ordered it.

Do you need any more assurances that these stories are good? Well, I can’t end this review without telling you to read Alison Tyler’s Rings On My Fingers. That woman has put a spell on me.

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