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Captain Sun: Forbidden Love in ChinaCaptain Sun: Forbidden Love in China by Vanessa Wu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m not sure if the title, Captain Sun, is a deliberate reference to the James Bond novel, Colonel Sun, written by Kinglsey Amis and published under the pseudonym of Robert Markham. There is something distinctly literary in the author’s style, so it might be. She seems to have read widely and to have a quirky sense of humour.

Her quirkiness is evident in the structure of this strange tale, which is arse about face, as they say here in London. It opens with a slightly shocking sex scene. There is very little build up. It appears to me to be quite cold and almost brutal.

Then there are some descriptive passages in which we learn more about the situation of the young woman and her relationship to the lecherous Captain Sun. We are given, right at the end of the story, a very specific date, which places it at a time in China when essential foodstuffs were still very strictly rationed.

The suggestion is that the woman allows Captain Sun to do as he pleases with her in return for food coupons so that she can feed her family. But it’s a little more complex than this. Sex too is “rationed” and the young woman seems to enjoy allowing herself to be abused by the captain.

I found the final paragraphs incredibly erotic and they made me want to read the whole story again from the beginning. That’s why I’m giving it 5 stars.

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