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Love Has No Limits

Today instead of a review I have an announcement.

My novel, Love Has No Limits, is now available as an ebook on the following sites.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


I am thrilled about publishing this book, which is a very personal one.

My short story, Captain Sun, was modelled very closely on things told to me by a friend who was living in China in the 1970s, so that was also very personal, but Love Has No Limits is based on my own experiences in Amsterdam and Berlin more recently.

How I came to be living in Berlin is a very long story. I will perhaps tell that story one day. For now, I am very happy for this little novel to see the light of day.

My memories of Berlin are very happy ones. My visits to Amsterdam were brief but, as can be seen in the novel, made a deep impression.

I hope that anyone reading this novel gets as much pleasure from it as I had in writing it.


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