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AFF Asian Factual FictionAFF Asian Factual Fiction by Jess C. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is not your run-of-the-mill erotic fiction. Jess C. Scott has invented a new genre. That’s worth 5 of anybody’s stars, isn’t it?

If you don’t believe me, try typing Asian Factual Fiction into Google. Jess completely dominates the first page of results.


Jess seems to be very good at marketing. She has even written two books on it. They’re called something like “Building Your Brand” and “Developing a Positive Mindset.”

I haven’t read them but I’m so impressed by her Google ranking I’m going to drop her a line after this and ask her to be my Brand Consultant. (This review is just to butter her up.)

I’m also hoping she’ll have contacts in the Taiwanese underworld who can help me bump off a certain Taiwanese rock star with a name disturbingly similar to mine.

Oh, but the Wu clan is everywhere. You can’t kill us off.

Anyway, back to the book.

We all know that sex in real life is full of problems. The hot chick you lust after treats you like a douchebag in the great toilet of life. The guy you send your risk-everything nude pics to after weeks of flirtation tells you that you jumped to the wrong conclusion. Although you’re a girl with lesbian sympathies, you feel nothing at all for the luscious lesbian babe who wants to show you the meaning of Nirvana. Besides, you want to lose your virginity and doing it with another woman doesn’t count!

Factual sex is sometimes not quite so much fun as fantasy sex. And so it is with factual fiction versus fantasy fiction.

What I like about the three stories in this book is that they show what it feels like to want to have sex, with all the tortured self-doubts and frustrations that entails, without ever becoming pornographic or lewd.

If there’s one word that comes to mind when I read these stories it’s realism. I suppose that’s the “Factual” part. Then again, the stories show imagination. Hence the “Fiction.”

You can probably guess why the word “Asian” is in the title. If not, here’s a clue. The young Chinese girl lying in the window is stark naked. Yes! Stark naked! And she wants you to look at her.

Is that hot?

Vanessa Wu is the author of Love Has No Limits

Original BlissOriginal Bliss by A.L. Kennedy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have chosen to mention this book for several reasons.

1. I have it open on my bed.

2. Today I read A.L. Kennedy’s blog in The Guardian and was struck by her disdain for marketing her own books. Let me do it for you, Alison, I need the practice. (See footnote).

3. We are always told that people don’t buy short stories. Ahem! I bought these short stories. That proves something, doesn’t it? I would rather read Original Bliss than all her other books put together. Or even just Everything You Need.

4. Any novella that begins with an Open University broadcast on the etiquette of masturbation deserves a mention at the very least.

My conclusion is that A.L. Kennedy is a very good writer who is a little odd. But then we’re all a little odd, aren’t we, Alison? See footnote.


WHAT’S YOUR NAME? Oh, all right – it’s Alison Louise and it’s not a secret, never was – I just have a pen name and a real name. It also massively entertains a certain brand of person to be able to call me Alison with special emphasis as if we were the bestest pals in all the world. And it’s nice to be able to please someone without trying – even if it’s someone odd. For reasons unknown to me, many folk in the lovely world of comedy call me Al.…

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