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Kinky by Justine Elyot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lust has a language all its own and kinkiness is a club where it’s important to know the ropes. Not everyone is curious and not everyone who is curious will be converted. But if we don’t know the language we are excluded, we are out in the cold.

Rosie is curious. She is warmly curious. Although she begins this novel out in the cold, she manages to get a peek inside, and what she sees makes her put her hand down her knickers.

You’ll find hands going in and out of knickers quite a lot in this story. Knickers come down, arses get spanked and pussies get whipped. Rosie reveals all in the finest British English.

If language matters to you, and, like me, you get excited by pure British vowels and references to Nelson’s Column, you will adore ‘Kinky.’ Rosie’s vernacular is spot on. The novel has an urban lyricism that warms the cockles of your heart.

But it’s international too. Rosie’s kinky expectations are raised by a gallant mustachioed Russian called Dimitri, who speaks international English. He says ass instead of arse. He overlooks auxiliaries and fumbles prepositions. He abuses the definite article. Oh, we can all relate to that, can’t we?

Rosie writes very delicately of their international relations. Her language is precise, sensual and explicit. She is no shrinking violet but everything is quite new to her and she records her experiences with bright enthusiasm. Everything has the sheen of newness and pulsates with dewy youth.

Needless to say, I was charmed by ‘Kinky’ and basked in its unpretentious brilliance. It told of lust in language I could understand.


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