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Dear friends,

This is just a note to say that I am on a reading retreat. As you know, I am a passionate reader, which means I like to indulge myself deeply from time to time. So I will be in a state of literatus non-interruptus for a few days.

Should you crave literary companionship in the meantime, I urge you to explore all the literary magazines linked by Berit on her blog. Berit gets two links on my blogroll because she’s a literary heavyweight. Or perhaps it’s because she’s indecisive and can’t make up her mind where to host her blog. Whatever the reason, it’s good to have a friend like Berit because she does all the trawling through the internet and we get all the reading pleasure.

I’m not saying this just because she was kind enough to express an interest in me and ask a few stimulating questions. She’s a really cool cultural investigator, just as complex, deep, pure and clear as her beloved fjords.

As proof of my probity, take a look at this Asian Literary Journal, which doesn’t even know of my existence, but to which I’m providing a helpful link. I’m really jealous that you’ll be able to spend time reading all the articles while I’m in a remote hotel room deep in the Gloucestershire countryside with only my e-readers, my zen players and my black silk blindfold for company.

But in case you think I’ve forgotten my blog’s raison d’être, here are some sensual treats for you to help pass the weekend and dissipate the horrors of Halloween.

After Dark Tales

Vida Bailey’s Enthralling Picture Blog

Love to you all,



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