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Sexy Briefs: Knickers in a Twist edited by Tessie L’Amour

This is a dirty, sexy little book that had me slavering with senseless lust. Need I say any more?

Oh, all right, most of you probably know by now that try as I might to appear like a girl from the gutter, I’m really a cultivated acolyte of Erato, the muse of sensual poetry; no book holds my attention for long unless it has a smattering of literary merit. There are eight stories in this collection, which is part two of a very dirty duo. I skipped part one to get to the daringly poetic Dream a Little Dream by Sessha Batto. Sombrely sexy, it flirts with darkness and alludes to deathly themes in a language that is alive and sensual.

Then I doubled back for a scintillating sci-fi snippet from telepathic Cecilia Tan. Later I savoured the paradoxes of Sharazade and the Shakespearian sexual shenanigans of Tessie L’Amour.

But don’t worry, this collection shouldn’t tax your literary faculties too much. The stories are very short and the direct assault on your senses offered by Nobilis Reed, Summer Daniels, Nan Allen and Ayoub Khote should allow you to switch off your higher brain and tune into your primal priorities without further ado.


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