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The 3 A.M. Epiphany: Uncommon Writing Exercises That Transform Your FictionThe 3 A.M. Epiphany: Uncommon Writing Exercises That Transform Your Fiction by Brian Kiteley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hey, who said erotic stories had to be predictable?

With titles like FUNHOUSE MIRROR, NUDES, LISTFUL, RUSSIAN DOLLS IN REVERSE, CAUGHT ON TAPE and many more, these writing exercises really shake up your style and get your creative juices juicing.

I have bought and read just about every book ever published on creative writing and this is one of four I kept.

What I like about it is that many of the exercises can be applied to whatever you are are writing at the moment. You don’t have to stop what you are doing. It’s like adding a turbo charger to your Volkswagen.


Hey, so I can’t drive all right? Don’t mess with my metaphor.

Vanessa Wu is the author of Love Has No Limits

Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories For WomenEnchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories For Women by Nancy Madore
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I couldn’t decide whether to give this two stars or three.

The stories were not bad. But they didn’t turn me on. If an erotic story doesn’t turn me on, it should at least be interesting.

Is it asking too much to want some sensual language as well?

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Fall Into WinterFall Into Winter by Eden Baylee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s very generous of Eden to include four novellas in her book Fall Into Winter. Many writers would have published it as four books and charged you the full price for each. Then they would have brought out two double novellas before finally publishing the quadruple novella anthology.

This is what modern book marketing experts recommend.

But Eden is very generous in lots of ways. She gives us four novellas at once and she gives a lot of herself in each of these four novellas. It’s this generosity that makes them special.

In The Asian and the Austrian there’s a character called Elena. When Elena tells the handsome Austrian that she has given up her job in banking to write erotica, he asks “These are stories about sex?”

“Not exactly,” Elena replies. “They’re not about sex, but they include it.”

Lots of novels and stories include sex. But in Elena’s stories the sex is very explicit and detailed. At least, it must be if her stories are anything like Eden’s.

Part of the thrill of reading Fall Into Winter is knowing, or imagining, that all of the female protagonists are really Eden. Eden in various thin disguises.

In the Austrian and the Asian the disguise is hardly there at all. Elena is Eden at her most naked, her most vulnerable, her most honest.

Because of this, it is a very touching story. Since I am also an Asian who has been to Austria, it is a story that I can very much relate to. The things Elena notices in Austrian culture are the things I noticed too. The sense of place is so strong that at times it is just like being there. And when you are reading erotica this good, that’s exactly the right place to be.

Elena’s observations about being an Asian woman in Thailand are also very accurate. You are not Thai but people treat you as if you are and expect you to behave in the same way. Both Elena and Eden are very good at fleshing out these background details that help develop the characters.

So I enjoyed these stories as stories and I enjoyed them as erotica. If Eden hasn’t already, I urge her to go and conspire intimately with one or two close-bosom friends so she has enough material for her next quadruple anthology. I understand the bees are already buzzing about the blossoms but I can hardly wait for the whistling of the redbreast so I can pluck more fruits from Eden’s bountiful garden.

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The Devil Made Me Do ItThe Devil Made Me Do It by Amelia James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book succeeds brilliantly on its own terms. It’s probably the purest form of erotica I’ve ever read. Pure in the sense that it will give you an orgasm sooner or later. Amelia overwhelms you with one erotic image after another. One of them is bound to trigger a reaction; and, once that trigger has been pulled, it’s a sprint to the finish. The pace is relentless and exhilarating. Yet it’s very light-hearted. The stories are witty, imaginative and playful. No-one gets hurt. Whether you dip into it now and then or devour it in an orgiastic frenzy, the clever plots will leave you radiant, satisfied and uplifted. Nice work, Amelia.

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Alison's WonderlandAlison’s Wonderland by Alison Tyler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I bought this anthology for one just one story, which is The Red Shoes (Redux) by Nikki Magennis. It was worth it for that one story.

The other authors have formidable reputations but I wasn’t going to read their stories because I have only just bought another fairy-tale themed collection edited by Alison Tyler which I started to read just before this. In fact this is the fifth fairy-tale themed story anthology I have picked up this year. Fairy tales are a rich source of inspiration and can take this kind of a beating but I can’t.

Alison Tyler is a bit like a fairy tale character herself. She is the Princess of Porn. Whether the other writers know it or not, she has first refusal on every erotic story published in America and can cherry pick from the offerings of the world’s erotica literati.

She must have included some sort of hidden cantrip inside the Kindle text because I started to get curious about the other stories and once I got started I couldn’t stop.

I read Sommer Marsden’s The Three Billys to improve my vocabulary. Her literary inventiveness left me dizzy with awe.

I read Portia Da Costa’s Unveiling His Muse for its perspicacity. Portia’s lucid and witty style acts like a pornographic palette cleanser.

I steeled myself for Kistina Lloyd’s David and needed all my inner resolve to withstand the shock of the ending. No writer comes close to Kristina.

Then I had to take a break.

But Alison must have been out there in the internet weaving her magic because pretty soon I came across this desperate plea:

‘Hairstyle nerds, please help: What do you call it when someone wears their pony tails atop their head at devil-horn angles? Like, sort of in front? It’s like, a candy commando thing. You know, punk, kinda. They dye them pink. It’s a Grrl thing. “front-facing pigtails” isn’t cutting it.’

This cry for help came from Thomas Roche. THE Thomas Roche. Thomas S. Roche. I went scurrying to my anthologies and found I have no less than three stories by him, none of which I had read.

That was then. This is now. I was so impressed by that poetic paragraph that I had to read all three of those stories.

I was very pleased with myself. My instinct didn’t let me down. But I spent the day cursing him. Cupid Has Signed Off made me late for work. It made me break my rule of never reading erotica at the bus stop. Or on the bus. Or in the toilet between meetings (bless you, Kindle for iphone!) The suspense made me ill but luckily the ending was to die for.

Thomas Roche has a novel coming out in September called The Panama Laugh. I’ve pre-ordered it.

Do you need any more assurances that these stories are good? Well, I can’t end this review without telling you to read Alison Tyler’s Rings On My Fingers. That woman has put a spell on me.

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25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom by Alan Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now, believe it or not, I have met Mr. Moore and his girlfriend, to whom he dedicated this book. They are larger than life and, let’s face it, Mr. Moore probably thought I was smaller than life, but he shook my hand anyway in a very gentlemanly fashion and signed his name in my book. (Not this one, another one, which I will review separately.)

I find Mr. Moore very cute. He is a magician but, I believe, a kind one, except when he’s cursing people.

His humour is apparent in everything he says and it’s very apparent in this book. As is his seriousness. He is serious about life in a very humorous way and I find that cute.

His rhetoric is deeply flawed but it’s entertaining; and his motives, like his manners, are impeccable. The conclusion is in favour of porn. Yay!

Give me a hug, darling, I’m a fan!

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Venus in Furs (Penguin Classics)Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have not yet met a man who wants me to put on ermine and trample his supine body but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to give it a try. Intriguingly, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch projected a whole series of books on love, property, money, the state, war and death, but never finished his life’s work and today only this single volume is available in English. If, like me, you harbour any literary ambitions, it’s best not to get side-tracked by fetishes. This book has a curiosity value. It was seminal, no doubt. It probably expresses the author’s deep obsession. But I didn’t find it very inspiring. It’s okay as an amuse-bouche but not as a main dish.

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The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 9The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 9 by Maxim Jakubowski
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have had this on my kindle for a while. The first few stories left me cold so I shrugged my shoulders and archived it. Then a friend recommended Kristina Lloyd and I discovered there was a story by her in this collection, near the end. It’s called Such a Special Couple. This story didn’t so much leave me cold as chill me to the bone. It is brilliant. It’s not the least bit erotic but it takes you into someone else’s world with forensic accuracy. Kristina Lloyd is now at the top of my list of must-read authors. I’m not into bondage so I may be just Asking For Trouble but this could be the start of a wonderful new relationship that is definitely Darker Than Love.

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I am always on the lookout for good erotic writing by women for women. I have downloaded quite a few samples from Amazon Kindle but I am frequently disappointed. That’s why I’ve started to look further afield and prowl around for some more exciting writing.

A writer I found on Smashwords is Hannah Thackeray, whose Regency romances are nicely steamy and very well-written.

I enjoyed A captive in his arms and will sample the others in the same series when time permits and I am in the mood.

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